Funding your care

Funding your care

Most of our homecare services are delivered to people in the Glasgow area including the council regions of East Dunbartonshire, South Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire. Scotland has its own system to fund home care and we have provided some very brief details below. Please feel free to Contact Us for further explanation.

What is Direct Payments?

Direct payments are made from your local council to you, so that you can arrange your own care at home, rather than getting help directly from the council. This gives you more autonomy and control over the kind of homecare you want. If you are not currently getting homecare, you will need to contact your local council to ask them to assess your needs. It will be the council who will decide if you are eligible for funding.

What is Self Directed Support (SDS)?

Self directed support is when YOU arrange for some or all of your support instead of receiving directly provided services from your local authority. The difference with self directed support compared with direct payments, is that you may choose to get support from several funding streams such as the Independent Living Fund. Self directed support is suitable for people who would like more flexibility, choice and control over their care. It means you will be in charge of making your own arrangements and you will get a sum of money to spend on the homecare you arrange. If you want, you can choose to organise some of your own support and also receive some services from your local council. So for example, you could choose to get assistance with taking a bath or getting dressed, or to get out and about to enjoy leisure pursuits, rather than opt for activities run at a day centre. The funds will go to you, and you will pay Clyde Healthcare for any homecare services you choose to arrange.

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What is private care?

You do of course have the opportunity to fund your own care, rather that relying on subsidised care. A direct debit could be set up to pay for an ongoing care plan, or you may choose to simply pay for help on a one-off basis, such as for respite or holiday care. You are completely in charge of your private care choices.

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